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Atomic Design Methodology

Atomic Design leverages to Setup Design System

As Broad Frost defined Atomic Design methodology which guides to streamline UI elements standards and re-usable to across the application. Atomic methodology leverages to define design system which would have UI elements, components, design principle, color scheme etc. The library can be easily integrated in multiple application which is developed under the design system. Atomic …

UI UX Design Principle | Cognitive Science: Data Chunking

‘Chunking’ means breaking up content into small, distinct units of information , instead of presenting whole and undifferentiated information items. Presenting content in chunks makes scanning easier for users and can improve their ability to comprehend and remember it. You can learn more about Data chunking in this video how this is influence your brain and memory.

UX Design Validation : AB / Split design Testing

AB Testing Comparing two different versions of a designs with different user group and see which version performs the best. AB testing can be done with any product, it can be Initial prototype design, live ecommerce website or any physical products. Create hypothesis what you want to test with users and validate which performs best …

Video Lesson: User Centered Design(UCD)

UCD is explicit understanding of the users, tasks and environment in which product being used When we start create something, first we need think who is going use, what they need and expect Empathy user  for user insights, this can be done by various research mythologies . Majorly categorized as qualitative and Quantitative research, qualitative …

James Gibson, Don Norman: Affordance a usability principle which makes more turn around

What is affordance ?Affordances are properties of objects, elements which shows actions for users who interact to complete actions. Affordances are defined what actions possible to take without additional instructions. Psychologist James Gibson coined “affordance” in 1977, stated as All Action possibilities with an object based on users’ physical capabilities“When affordances are taken advantage of, …

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